Hi, I'm Muyideen

Software Developer

Dive into my software engineering career, highlighting a versatile skillset in software development that showcases a skillful fusion of code craftmanship, problem-solving, and a transformation of ideas into functional software solutions.

About Me

Fullstack Software Developer (BackEnd Focus)

A dedicated computer scientist committed to delivering functional software solutions for both small businesses and corporate entities. My passion for software engineering and software architecture drives me to integrate diverse technologies for impactful projects.

My expertise encompasses software development life cycles (SDLC), task automation, and image processing, thus offering a unique perspective shaped by experiences in various fields. In my position at Gmax Technology Ltd., I developed a newfound enthusiasm for leadership and mentorship, motivating me to pursue roles that enable positive impacts within a software development team.

Career Experience


2013 - 2019

Bachelor of Applied Science – Computer Science - McMaster University

Focus on the Principles of Programming Languages, Algorithms, Data Structures, Databases, Parallel Computing, Distributed Systems and Systems Design.

2019 - 2020

Applied Data Science - IBM x Coursera

In this specialization, I developed and honed skills for practical data science and machine learning problems. I learned the advanced tools and libraries used in Python for data analysis, data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL). Completed a Capstone project to apply and demonstrate my newly acquired knowledge and skills. Reference provided on Git.

Python Numpy ETL Foursquare API Machine Learning


Nov 2021 - Present

Software Developer - Gmax Tech Ltd.

Developed a real-time software application for tracking the performance of Gmax racing devices used in America, Middle-East, Africa, South America, and United Kingdom. Led the design and complete configuration of a real-time software application and systems on a local network. Guaranteed secured connection between systems and optimized data access between the frontend UI, backend and database servers. Implemented a C#/.NET Core/WPF report generator and a Python-based file-caching system for Gmax support staff.

JavaScript Python NodeJS MongoDB Cloud ExpressJS C#/.Net Core Socket.io Networking Linux
Oct 2020 - Oct 2021

Automation Developer - Timberlea Inc

Created a UX Photoshop plugin using Adobe UXP API and JavaScript, which automated the production of e-commerce digital products. Collaborated closely with business partners, addressing operational challenges through research and software documentation. Delivered in-person training to business partners and graphic designers, enhancing software usage understanding

JavaScript UI/UX API Research E-commerce Software Documentation
Feb 2020 - Sept 2020

Web Developer - Foresters Financial

Collaborated with senior developers to implement insurance policy documentation software using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Tasked with the testing of front end components to ensure html/css components worked as expected. Employed Python scripting for automated file downloads, and enhancing data migration efficiency. Worked with cross-functional teams to gather requirements and documents, ensuring timely software delivery.

JavaScript HTML/CSS UX/UI Python Scripting Component Testing

My Projects

Asynchronous Messaging Queue System

Python Multithreading Publisher-Subscriber ZeroMQ Sockets

Emoji Memory Game

JavaScript HTML CSS jQuery Github Mobile Responsive

Portfolio Website

JavaScript HTML CSS Github Mobile Responsive


C Language CUDA Parallel Computing Image Processing Algorithm NVIDIA CUDA


JavaScript UX/UI Photoshop API Adobe UXP Batch Processing Automation

Inventory Manager

Python OOP Algorithm Tkinter Desktop Application

My Skills

Coding Languages

JavaScript 90%

Python 90%


C#/.Net 75%

Linux/Bash 85%

Professional Skills

JavaScript Python REST API Socket.io C# .NET Core .NET Framework HTML CSS Git Jira Linux AWS S3 MongoDB SQL GitLab React.js MongoDB Cloud MongoDB Atlas MongoDB Compass Express.js Node.js Postman Multithreading ZeroMQ RabbitMQ Websocket C Language Algorithms Databases Data Structures System Design Data Analysis Image Processing

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